So, instead of hastling me to see why I left the Ben 10 Fan Fiction wiki I will just make this blog post here.

The Reason:

Well I do a whole lot for that wiki but somehow I always manage to be stuck in the of every fight. When Ermac was there I found out a whole lot about the wiki that I didn't know. I found out that our wiki had a rivalry with Mortal Combat wiki (Yeah, I spelt it with a "C" I'm not retarded). So one night when I was bored I went to the MK chat to talk with some users and find out some information and Byakuya and Strawberry Cupcake were there. I asked them two questions
1. Have they ever seen BTFF try to get their wiki in trouble because I had never witnessed it or noticed a rivalry.
2. Has Ermac ever been an issue there?
So after that the users began spreading rumors saying that I told them Ermac was still on our wiki trolling and things like that. So then today, 22/01/2012 I got on Ben 10 Fan Fiction Chat and I began getting told that I was a liar and other things and saying things about Ermac.

So after that I just gave up and left. Then I found out that the user that was calling me a liar had told Jon to unban Ermac so that she could "solve" issues. This user has never made an edit on our wiki and everything had been solved with Ermac, he deserved the ban that he was given. That user, though, was very good friends with Ermac. So yeah, I swore at him in anger. So what? Everyone swears! Anyway then I went to MK wiki to talk to Byakuya and Strawberry to ask why they said I had been lying and they started going on about things that I had never said and so I told them to "Fuck Off" when they said I did something that I never did. That resulted in me being kickbanned when profanity is allowed on the MK wiki. When I made a post on their wiki about the situation Byakuya immediately deleted it. So yeah. I left and it's permanent. I'm done with looking like the bad guy and I'm done with Ermac and anything that involves him.

ET here. Why I left BTFF? 13:04, January 22, 2012 (UTC)