Ultimate Chaz X is the seventh episode of Chaz Sulkin.

Chaz Sulkin






To DieDie For


Rogue Personalities


Ben: I guess it's time! (Transforms) Alien X! (Evolves) Ultimate Alien X!

Gwen slowly took it out. Chaz called over Ira and Guardio.

Gwen: Almost done!

Chaz ultimized. Gwen's eyes turn yellow. Ben started screaming in pain. Chaz was ready. He took a big deep breath through his mask. Ben shreiking increased automatically! Ben reverted, because he was passed out. Gwen carefully took the power beam and blasted at Chaz. It hurt really badly. Chaz had a tear in his eye but he wiped it away.

Chaz: I have to be tough!

The pain increased and Gwen's hair turned white and very long. Her body turned purple andshe grew a little. She had became and Anodite! She looked at herself in horror. Chaz reverted her with his power. He was, Ultimate Chaz X! He waved his hand and though Bring back Kevin Ethan Levin. Kevin appeared, though he absorbed a metal can and started attacking Ben. Ben turned into Wildvine and explained what happend as they were fighting, Kevin saw Gwen and they kissed (EW). That night they marriedand had a son named Devlin. Ben thought to himself if only my wife and kids were here. Chaz brought up Julie, Kenny and Jamie. Jamie was Ben's five year old daughter who had the "spark". Kenny (Four almost five) on the other hand was like his dad, who could mentally transforms by himself. Kenny turned into XLR8 and zoomed over to Ben.

Ben: Hey kiddo!

Suddenly Chaz shriviled up. Paradox warped in.

Paradox:He's dying. Do something quick. He used all of his power, I would hurry because he doesn't have that much time.

MooMoo came and cuddled with Chaz. He closed his eyes. Ira and Guardio started laughing. Free at last! They shouted!

Guardio: We work with DieDie!

Ira: We tricked you the whole time!

They merged and became Iro!

Iro: See ya later Tennysons!

Ben: (Transforms) Heatblast!

They shot a big green beam at the team. It caused a big explosion.


  • Ben
  • Chaz
  • Gwen
  • Devlin
  • Kevin
  • Julie
  • Kenny
  • Jamie
  • Paradox
  • MooMoo


  • Guardio (Later merged into Iro)
  • Ira (Later merged into Iro)

Aliens UsedEdit

  1. Ultimate Alien X
  2. Alien X
  3. Heatblast
  4. Wildvine


  • Ultimate Chaz
  • Ultimate Chaz X (Debut)