Chaz has an Ultimate Form also known as Ultimate Chaz. His name has not yet been said as he has only just realised this power.


In order for Chaz to transform into Ultimate Chaz, Ira and Guadio must merge with his face and act as masks. Chaz can do this with just one of them but he will be less powerful.


Chaz looks the same except his face becomes green and it looks like he is wearing a mask.


Ultimate Chaz's powers are the same as usual except stronger and he gains the powers of Ira and Guadio. He can grow and shrink and shoot beams from his hands chest eyes and mouth aswell as his omnipotent Celestialsapien powers.

  • Omnipotent Celestialsapien abilities
  • Growing
  • Shrinking
  • Shooting beams from eyes, mouth, hands and most powerful from chest