To Kill or to Slaughter

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To Kill or to Slaughter is the second episode of the series Chaz Sulkin. Chaz is angered of his mothers kidnapping and tries to find more clues while trying to think of a way to stop the evil Fluffinian.


Chaz is lying in his bed, weeping. The bed is floating all around the house and floats past the kitchen, Guadio and Ira are cooking Chaz's favorite meal to cheer him up - earthling chicken nuggets. MooMoo's moodswings had stopped since Chaz had been so emotionally ruined. Guadio raised the nuggets with his levitation beams and sent it towards Chaz. Chaz, still crying, began eating. He then fell asleep.

When Chaz awoke Guadio, Ira and MooMoo were all staring at him. Chaz questioned them and Ira spoke up in a rough voice. "Chaz, your mother has been kidnapped! We are all terribly upset but we can't just stay here crying over it. We need to take action!" Chaz was shocked, Ira was the voice of love and compassion yet she was... shouting. "You are right, Ira, but what can we do?" "Chaz, you may use your powers to track the Fluffinian who has kidnapped your mother, though due to your ages you do not have the ability to teleport to him" Guadio told him. Chaz nodded. He got out of his bed and flew outside of his house then stared into space. Chaz's eyes changed from the color white to orange. He was tracking the Fluffinian. His eyes returned to their original white color and he returned inside. Guadio and Ira returned to their normal size and began levitating on Chaz's shoulder as usual. They asked what had happened. He explained he had found him, he just left the forge and was in the Milky Way. MooMoo jumped off the couch and ran out the house saying "Come on! We can't lose them!" Then they left.

Chaz was flying through the forge, going past many debating Celestialsapiens. MooMoo was running at great speeds and Guadio and Ira had attached themselves to Chaz's shoulder bones so that they wouldn't fly off. Soon they came across one of the Fluffinians minions. They all stopped and confronted it. "Why have you taken my mother?" The minion replied with "It wasn't me, it was the master Fl- I am not revealing his name." Chaz got angry and changed his shape into an Arburian Pelarotta. He rolled up and attempted to charge at the Fluffinian but there was no gravity. He unrolled and created artificial gravity, rolled up again and attacked the Fluffinian. It used it's species incredible speed to get out of the way. Chaz rolled up again and continued to spin in circles until he finally got the minion under him. MooMoo ran towards Chaz and began kicking the minion continuously. The minion opened its mouth wide and bit MooMoo's leg. MooMoo screamed in agonising pain. The minion then lifted Chaz and threw him at one of the debating Celestialsapiens. Guadio and Ira got angry and grew to sizes larger than a Vaxasaurian. They floated on either side of the minion. They both shot laser beams at it. It began simmering, it's legs had flown off on contact with the beams. It stood there attempting to move. Chaz returned to his Celestialsapien form and told him that it was over. Chaz then shot a beam at the teddy and it went limp. They then continued flying toward the Milky Way.

Chaz, Guadio, Ira and MooMoo all arrived. The evil Fluffinian was there but Chaz's mother was nowhere to be seen. Chaz had no idea what a To'kustar was but without any control he began growing and transformed into one. He began shouting at the Fluffinian and it welcomed them in an evil tone. "Welcome, Chaz. Your mother told me about you. I am Fluffy DieDie and I am taking revenge on all Celestialsapiens for destroying us Fluffinians as children." Fluffy DieDie then ran behind Chaz and climbed up his back and onto his shoulder, he then began kicking Chaz's head. Ira shot her levitation beams at Fluffy DieDie but he ran at Ira and threw her off Chaz's shoulder. Fluffy DieDie then began to escape. MooMoo tried chasing after him while Chaz attempted to stomp on him, Fluffy DieDie got away. Chaz returned to his Celestialsapien form and began to try and find where Fluffy DieDie was going.




  • Arburian Pelarotta
  • To'kustar