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Terror Or Fluffy?

To Good To Be True is the fifth episode of Chaz Sulkin and is the first episode with a twist.


Chaz woke up one morning. He couldn't move. The problem was that he was the he was an infant. "Right" He said quietly to himself. Suddenly a Fluffinian appeared. "MooMoo!" He said. He had gotten a new pet!. His mother froze. About five minutes later she woke up. She was debating with her personalities. Suddenly two green dots appeared on each of Chazes shoulder. They murmured, "Chaz wake up, wake up wake up WAKE UP!" Suddenly Chaz sprung up, Ben with him. Ben asked him, "Nightmare?" "No, actually the best dream of my life. Did I mention that today I turn eight? When we stop Fluffy DieDie I want to leave this hero stuff to you." "You don't always get a choice. I didn't. So be glad for whatever life you had. I messed up mine! I'll tell my story later!" "We have time." Was Chaz's response.

"Well it started off when I was 17. Gwen and Kevin were arguing about who should drive. I drove. We were headed to a battle to this snake like guy named Ssserpent. We fought him. I used an Tetramand form. But he was just to strong. When I was turning back to human, he hit the Ultimatrix symbol and that caused the Ultimatrix to merge with me. I turned insane. I killed Kevin and scared off Gwen to the Null Void. She lives in fear. Anyway way do you know where we are?" "You don't remember? We're in The Forge Of Creation!" Exclaimed Chaz. Suddenly a women screamed. She was being attacked by Fluffy DieDie himself. "Stop him!" Guardio yelled. Chaz turned into a Petrossapien and shot diamond crystals at Fluffy DieDie. Ben yelled, "Galvanic Mechamorph!" Ben shot green beams at Fluffy DieDie. He shot his arm off. "Yeow!" DieDie hollered. He left, injured. Ben yelled, "Evolved Sonorasian!" He shot at disc looking things at Fluffy. They screeched. DieDie passed out. When he woke up he was tied in a chair and both his arms were missing. Then Ben came in, "Hello Fluffinian or should I say Clancy!" "No my name is Fluffy DieDie."

"Wanna play hard ball eh Animo!" "Nope Fluffy DieDie" "Is it true Diagon!" "No" "Vilgax?" "No" "Vulkanus?" "Sentient Ultimate Big Chill?" 'Wha..." "Never mind Fluffinian, my times up now talk with Chaz." Chaz came in and screamed, "Where is my mother?" "Not telling." Chaz called over Guardio and Ira and formed Ultimate Chaz He shot a beam through his eyes, mouth and chest. He kicked and punched. DieDie breathed heavily. His voice rasping. Ultimate Chaz went back to Chaz. "She... is... in.... the..... cellar....." Chaz healed him and let him go.

He went to the cellar and found his mother. She cried with joy when they found her. MooMoo hugged her. MooMoo had pains. Then something poped out of MooMoo. A baby Fluffinian. "MooMoo's a girl? asked Ben



  • Fluffy DieDie
  • Ssserpent
  • Vilgax
  • Clancy
  • Diagon
  • Animo
  • Vulkanus
  • Sentient Ultimate Big Chil

Aliens UsedEdit

  • Upgrade
  • Fourarms
  • Ultimate Echo Echo

Alien Forms Used By ChazEdit

  • Petrosapien
  • Ultimate Chaz


  • Chaz once again used Ultimate Chaz but it was still to much for him to handle.
  • Ben shouts out the species names instead of what he names them.
  • Ben made a reference to some major villians when he was younger.
  • Fluffy DieDie was serouisly injuried and Chaz found his mother.
  • MooMoo had a baby.
  • Chaz turned eight.
  • Chaz admitted he doesn't want to be a hero.
  • Ben reveals his past.
  • Ben went straight to Ult Echo Echo instead of Echo Echo then Ult Echo Echo.