Chaz Sulkin


Terror Or Fluffy?


Ultimate Chaz X

To DieDie for is the seventh episode of Chaz Sulkin.


Chaz: I don't know if I am ready?

Ben: He's only eight Gwen.

Gwen: He has nine days.

Ben: I have an idea! But I need Azmuth.

Suddenly some evil Fluffinians came.

Ben: Ghostfreak!

Chaz: Arburian Pelorota!

Chaz bounced around and slammed the Fluffinians around. Ben possessed one and made it attack other ones. Suddenly Fluffy DieDie appeared holding Chaz Jr.

Chaz: No!

DieDie: What is he worth to you?

Ben: To Die for!

Fluffy: Don't you to DieDie for!? Mwahahahaha! I love nonhappy ending!

He was about to slit Chaz Jr's throat when Chaz stopped time. Only he could move.

Chaz: Wow!

Chaz wasted no time. He took the knife from DieDie and saved Chaz Jr. Then he threw the knife away with all of his strength. He unfroze time.

Gwen: Not even I could do that!

Fluffy DieDie: Nooo! I will destroy all of you Celestialisapiens! And all humans and all anodites! Fluffinians attack! My To'Kustar soldiers attack! Everybody ATTACK!

Chaz turned into a To'Kustar and Ben turned into Ultimate Hummungousaur. When Ben (As UH) shot missles at the enemies a To'Kustar stepped on Ben. Ben lifted him (Still as UH) and threw him and the enemies. Gwen shot yellow mana beams and mana ovals at them. She created a mana sword and sliced them to pieces! At one point Chaz blacked out because when he woke up he was with Ben, his mother and MooMoo at his house.

Chaz: My head hurts!

Ben: Have some ice on it. You deserve it after you blacked out. Fluffy shot a tazor at the back of your neck when you weren't looking. We won the battle though. My idea was I tun into Ultimate Alien X Gwen takes out all of my power and gives it to you as Ultimate Chaz and with that much power you can bring back Kevin and defeat Fluffy!

Chaz: But wouldn't that kill you?

Ben: No but it will make me crave for beans. Don't go near me for about an hour after I eat them its stinks.



  • Ben
  • Chaz
  • Gwen
  • MooMoo
  • Chaz Jr
  • Mother Celestialisapien


  • Fluffinians
  • To'Kustars
  • Fluffy DieDie

Aliens UsedEdit

  • Ultimate Hunumgousaur
  • Ghostfreak


  • Arburian Pelorota
  • To'Kustar