To'kustar (a play on "tokusatsu" superhero genre in Japan, given their appearance) is a species of alien that Way Big comes from who are created in cosmic storms.

To'kustars are gargantuan, humanoid creatures, being at least 100-200ft tall. Their body, face, limbs and hands are grey/white. They have red stripes on their torso and legs, red spots on their shoulders, red stump-like feet, yellow eyes (either 2 or 4 present), a red/black blade on their head, 4-fingered hands, red forearms with pointed elbows, and slightly muscular bodies. To'kustars have thick skin resistant to most other attacks, physical or energy, as well as their size giving them extraordinary strength, able to take out a normal-sized army and lift objects and creatures around their own size with little effort. They can also generate energy beams by positioning their arms in an L shape. They can create and control cosmic storms which can also be used for their own travel. They are nonviolent however, so they are commonly known as "gentle giants".

Notable To'kustarsEdit

  • Mind Controlled To'kustars


  • So far, no "real" To'kustars ever appeared in the series.
  • Way Big is currently the only To'kustar in the series.
  • It is ironic that despite all their power, To'kustar are very gentle.