The (pronounced "TEH") is the fictional main character from the series The Adventures. He is a Human/Osmonian mutant who eventually was blasted into the forge of creation and was found by the Celestialsapien named Rohovo. The lived frozen in time for 30,000 years. When he woke up his original human appearance was altered and he gained the power of a Celestialsapien after using his Osmonian powers to absorb Rohovo's abilities permanently.


The's parents were plumbers. They along with their pet Gunvam, a vulpimancer were working in an extraterrestrial spaceship designed to study the Anur System . When the laser beams were projected to the Anur Planets baby Kent Tennumin (The's Original name) was blasted with it. His mother Airah Josie and his human dad Fred Tennumin were too sad to continue their careers as plumbers they retired early. The is still relatively young, being only 8 billion years old.


Being Human/Osmonian, The looks like an ordinary human except with the changes after absorbing Rohovo's powers and trapped in the vacuum of time for 30,000 years. The changes that occurred to The was that his skin had become plain black, like a Celestialsapien and his hair turned extremely white like the star-like dots in a Celestialsapien's body. He also wears a blue long robe and have green lips and white pupils. He also now haves only 4 toes and wears a belt for battling enemies who enter the forge of creation.