Chaz Sulkin

Season 1

Episode 6


To Good To Be True


To DieDie For

Terror Or Fluffy? is the sixth episode of Chaz Sulkin.


'MooMoos a girl?" asked Ben in shock. The baby fluffinian purred. 'How was this possissible' Chaz thought out loud. Before he worried about that hist stomach was grumbling. He was really hungry. "Mommy can you make me some chicken noodle soup?" he asked. "Yes honey I will." she responded. Ben asked. " What do you mean it's not possissible?" "Fluffinians only appear when a Celestisapien is born! They don't get pregnet!" Ben looked at him in horror, "You to young to know about pregnetacy!' Chaz bowed his head in shame.

"I'm sorry I yelled at you Ben." "No sweat. One question though. Tomorrow I'm leaving to the Null Void to find my cousin Gwen. You can come with me or stay here and fight Fluffy?" "I need to think about that." "Okay!" Chaz didn't want Ben to leave. He was like a cousin who you really like but only see once a year since they live so far away.

"MooMoo! What did you name your baby boy?" asked Ira. Chaz ignored them but wanted to hear MooMoo's response. "His name is...............Chaz Jr!" Chaz fell backwards in shock. This meant MooMoo really loved him! Or maybe just his name. Either or Chaz didn't really care! He jumped up and down wildly then sat down to have some soup. "SLURP" he gulped it down in one mouthful. Then he made a slide pop up. Chaz and Chaz Jr went on it like, a zillion times! They were the Chaz's! The next morning was sad. Ben asked, "Which is it? Terror or Fluffy?" Chaz hesitated then slowly spoke, "How long will this mission take?" " 'Bout a day or two" That stung Chaz. Two whole day without Chaz Jr. "I will do it." He teleported them to the Null Void. Ben yelled, "Tetramand!" Chaz turned into a Vaxiusaurian. The Null Guardians swooped down out of nowhere. Fourarms jumped to the side. The he jumped onto one and rode it like a bull. "ENOUGH!" Chaz screamed. This was getting him nowhere. He was becoming Ultimate Chaz.

"Ira, Guadrio! Over Here! NOW!" He shreiked! The transformed and Chaz only shot a single beam when they ran off. He turned into a To'Kustar like Ben had. They walked around. Ben spotted Gwen a little to the right of a ditch. When she saw him she turned and tried to run but Ben grabbed her wrist. 'Please don't hurt me!" "Relax Gweny! I'm okay now! This is Chaz, the baby Celestisapien we saw when we fought Aggregor in the Forge. I live their now and we fight evil Fluffinians and their leader Fluffy DieDie." Gwen asked, "Why are you here?" "Because since you have the most powerful mana, yellow mana I want you to join us!" She closed her eyes and turned her head away. "You killed Kevin the night after he proposed to me. You ruined my life!" "You were born to be an Anodite!" "I know Verdona has dropped by a year ago and taught so I am a fully trained Anodite. I'll go on one condition. Chaz has to bring back Kevin."

Major EventsEdit

  • Gwen has yellow mana now like in Ben 10,000
  • MooMoo named her offspring Chaz Jr
  • Gwen forgave Ben for killing Kevin


  • Chaz Sulkin
  • Ben Tenyson
  • Gwen Tenyson
  • Kevin Levin (Mentioned Frequently)
  • MooMoo
  • Chaz Jr.
  • Mother Celestisapien


  • Fluffy DieDie (Mentioned Frequently)
  • Null Guardians

Aliens UsedEdit

  • Fourarms
  • Waybig


  • Vaxiusaurian
  • To'Kustar


  • This episode was originally called Chaz and Chaz
  • It's unknown how Ben and Gwen survive in the Forge with no air.
  • This is the first time Chaz used Ultimate Chaz in two consectutive episodes To Good to Be True and this one!