Chaz Sulkin
Season 1, Episode 9
Air date February 7th, 2012
Written by 6jackb
Directed by 6jackb
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Note: The picture is Heatblast fighting off Iro's beam in the Forge of Creation. Those whie dots are stars.


Ben, as Heatblast was struggling to keep the explosion away from them. Hes trying to hold it off with his fire. Not working that well. Suddenly he heard a crackling sound and saw it was about to go boom. He yelled, "Get down!" And then it all went black.


Ben woke up many hours later. Chaz was in a tank looking things with lots of tubes attached to him. His mother was there, crying. She shouted at Ben, "I wil debate whether or not to KILL you!" She froze. Ben knew this was bad. He couldn't transform either, he was to weak. So he just layed there. The mother unfroze half an hour later. Her teeth gritted and muttered, "I have decided not to kill you on one condition!" Ben asked, "What?" Chaz's mother replied with glee, "Kill those voices of Chaz!" Ben laughed and said, "Finally! A real mission!" He went over to his family. He told Julie, "I'll be gone the rest of today and most of tomorrow. Tell the kids I went on a big adventure and will tell them it as a bed time story." Julie nodded. Ben turned around and mentally transform into Fasttrack. He ran super fast and about ten minutes later he saw Iro. Iro saw him. He transformed into Benvicktor and shot electricity. It hit Iro but they absorbed like Chromastone so Ben turned into Chromastone. As he yelled his name he shot a rainbow blast. Then a green one. Iro dodged the first but the second one hit him. Suddenly a yellow light came out of Ben's hand and scanned Iro. He found a new hologram in his mind and transformed into Voice! Voice was a genetic copy of Iro! Voice grew really big and shot a green blast at them. Iro flew to the side.

Voice shrunk down to the size of a ant and then changed into Way Big. Way Big shot a cosmic ray at them but missed. Iro grew bigger than Way Big and shot a giant blast at him. Way Big flew upwards in a Cosmic Storm to dodge it. Iro growled. Way Big changed into Nanomech and flew quietly in Iro's eye. He then transformed into NRG and shot a raditation beam at the side of his eye hole thingy. Iro screeched. NRG transformed into Echo Echo who screeched better. He made 10 clones, flew up and surronded Iro. Iro grew bigger but i was no use. Echo Echo made the wall of sound. Iro blacked out. Echo Echo reverted to Ben and Ben sent them to the Null Void in Incarecon. Iro yelled, "We'll be back Tennyson!" Ben replied sarcasticlly, "What ever you say!"

That night Ben told his kids the bed time story. In the morning he told Mrs. Sulkin the good news. She asked, "Are they dead?" Ben lied, "Yes. I killed them with Echo Echo!" Mrs. Sulkin made an evil laugh. Ben had a new thought in his mind, Either I am going crazy or Mrs. Sulkin already is!


  • Ben
  • Mrs. Sulkin
  • Chaz
  • Julie
  • Kenny
  • Jamie


  • Iro

Aliens UsedEdit

  • Heatblast (From Last Episode)
  • Fasttrack
  • Benvicktor
  • Chromastone
  • Way Big
  • Nanomech
  • NRG
  • Echo Echo


  • Voice