My Alcyone is a series created by Binkatong.


Mason Reeves, an average Joe with only a tiny apartment and a useless degree in English Literature to his name, is suddenly whisked away from his painfully mundane life by a mysterious being, a Celestialsapien, who calls herself Alcyone. She brings him on a whirlwind tour of the cosmos, but is suddenly cut short by a mysterious presence who she refers to as "Brother". She is forced to abandon him, leaving him alone on an alien planet with nothing but a strange mark across his face.

This series follows the story of these two characters on their quests. For Mason, to make it back home in one piece. For Alcyone, to make it back to Mason and explain why he's more significant than he could ever imagine.


Mason Reeves: Average 23 year old, who was struggling to find work before being shanghaied by Alcyone. Now is stranded in space with no idea where he is, with a mysterious mark across his face that Alcyone gave him.

Alcyone: A Celestialsapien who kidnapped Mason Reeves for currently unknown reasons. Was forcefully dragged off by Brother, for equally unknown reasons.

  • Clotho: Voice of the Past. Male.
  • Lachesis: Voice of the Present. Female.
  • Atropos: Voice of the Future. Female.

"Brother": A mysterious being whose presense is undetectable by a human's five basic senses, presumably another Celestialsapien. Forcefully dragged Alcyone away, seperating her from Mason.

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