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X Time
Vital statistics
Start Season 1
End Episode 3
Prerequisites none
Level Earths plumber tech level, 2
Location Forge of Creation
Rewards The reward of working hard
Previous Next
10 Bellicus out

Aggregor and Kevin ecaped! Morgg was sent to the Null Void with the new Null Void Projector created by Azmuth. The Baby Celestian which was named Alien Z in honor of Alien X has joined the team under t he mothers supervalince but if anything happends to him Ben and co. will be gone in the blink of an eye. Literally.

Ben: (Transforms) Rath! LEMME TELL YA SOMETHING ROGUE FOURARMS WHO IS KOLARS COUSIN! YOU CANT BEAT UP GWEN AND LITTLE ME! ONLY RATH CAN! RRRRRAAAAGGGHH ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Rath runs toward the rogue tetramand. Remember villians appear out of nowhere. Gwen wakes up. Rath beat up the Tetramand and Alien Z was questioning it.

Alien Z: Who sent you here?

Tetramand: Aggregor

Gwen looked shocked. Azmuth came and sent the Tetramand into the Null Void. Paradox also came and woke up and Little Ben. Rath reverted back to normal.

Little Ben: Mommy? I don't want to go to school today. I want to stay home and play alien!

Gwen: Real mature Ben!

Both Bens: What? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Meanwhile Aggregor snuk up on Ben and tackled him.

Azmuth: Aggregor!

Aggregor: NO! I have changed my named to Madggregor!

Little Ben: Why? You name was hard pernounce then! Now it's even harder!

Madggregor: Ha ha! Laugh while you can little Tenyson! When I destroy Levin and take all of his powers I will be invunerable.

Alien Z: I am a celestial! My pesonalities have started to grow in! I have Bellicus and soon Serena! Bellicus!

Bellicus: What!

Alien Z: Should Madggregor be deafeated?

Alien Z and Bellicus: Seconded. Motion Carried. Eleminate Madggregor.

Alien Z shot a white beam with a blue outline at Madggregor

Maggregor: NOOOOOOOOOOOO.....(Trails off becaue eleminated)

Gwen: What just happend?

Alien Z: I destroyed Aggregor or Daggregor or Laggregor. Whatever his name was!

Little Ben: I think it was Dweedface! (Looks at Gwen) Is it okay if he uses your name Dweebface?

Gwen: (Sigh) Yes it's okay Ben.

Little Ben: YES!

Kevin swooped down as Argit and some plumbers and Magister Korwak and the Vreedles as plumbers came out of nowhere.

Ben: Not again! (Transforms) Hummungusaur (Ultimates) Ultimate Hummungusaur

Kevin shot Ult Hummungusaur with Jetrays neuro shock blasts. Ben reverted back to normal and passed out. Kevin drained power out of most of the plumers including Gwen. He almost killed them when he remembered why he was here.

Ult Kevin: Come out Argit!

Argit runs to the Vreedle Bros and they throw a sonic grenade at him. Argit made his pulse stop. Making Kevin think he is dead. Ult Kevin leaves and after that thry send the plumbers to the Null Void to check on thing there and Argit there as a prisoner.

Ben: I now know what we have to do next time we see Kevin

Gwen and Alien Z: No Ben!

Azmuth: Youre making the wrong choice Tenyson

Paradox: Indeed

Little Ben: I never liked him

Ben: We have to kill him