Let the Hunt Begin

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Let the Hunt Begin is the third episode of the series Chaz Sulkin.


Chaz, Ira, Guadio and MooMoo were all outside of the Forge. After their battle with Fluffy DieDie they returned home to rest. Now that they had freshened up they had to continue their hunt to stop him before he harmed Chaz's mother. They floated around outside of the forge, in between many different universes. Chaz thought to himself - Fluffy DieDie is an evil mastermind. He wouldn't just let me find him and battle with him, there must have been some sort of a scheme. Then Ira had spotted something. They all crowded around and found a minion of his who had been killed. MooMoo ripped him up and there was a note hidden inside of him. It read:

Hello, Chaz, I have captured your mother and you are obviously on my tail. I am guessing you would like to know my story. My host Celestialsapien created me and from that minute he was rough with me. He ripped me up to pieces atleast 50 times. He pulled my eyes out ripped my heart out, made me live through the excruciating pain and after that he would not end me, no, he would manually put me back together whilst I was concsious. I want to get back at every Celestialsapien and the only way to do that is to get one of the most important Celestialsapiens alive, your mother. She is the assistant manager of the Bellicus and Serena helpers, the most important business in the Forge. The manager and owner of the business are way well to guarded so she was the next in line. I will show everyone in the Forge her demise. I have constructed a machine that gets into the mind of every Celestialsapien so that I can show every being. You will all be sorry.

"He just told us that?" Guadio said. Chaz was fuming. He realised that the reason Fluffy DieDie had returned was to put that note inside his minion's body. He began to fly away as fast as he could. He was flying so fast that even MooMoo could barely keep up with him. MooMoo got a hold on his leg and grabbed it. He passed Ira and Guadio to him and told Chaz to keep up. MooMoo then flew into a new universe. The Milky Way. Chaz tried his hardest to keep up but when entering a universe there is so much force that a normal being such as an Aerophibian would be ripped to pieces. Chaz spun around as he was pulled and pushed and eventually passed out. When Chaz awoke he saw that he was being pulled through a starry universe with planets everywhere. Guadio and Ira cheered that he was awake. MooMoo turned around and hugged him. He then turned around and began sniffing thin air. Chaz waved his hand around himself and transformed into a Vulpimancer. He sniffed space but then began choking without any oxygen. Chaz moved his furry arm around himself and created a Vulpimancer shaped space suit. He then used his great sense of smell to smell inside of the suit. He found a direction. They began flying towards it.

Vulpimancer Chaz sensed two extremely large beings. To'kustars.On their heads were mind controlling helmets, they were being controlled by Fluffy DieDie. He waved his arm over himself and evolved into an Evolved Vulpimancer. His suit evolved with him creating a tail hole for his stinger to air out. He then charged at one. He stabbed it but there was barely an effect. It slapped Chaz backwards and he transformed back to a Celestialsapien. Ira and Guadio rushed to his assistance. MooMoo ran out one and took part in hand to hand combat. Chaz got up and transformed himself into an Evolved Arburian Pelarota. He rolled at the To'kustar again and this time it was winded. He rolled into it's face and created puncture wounds. The To'kustar got angry and whacked him away again but because of his spiked armor he got stuck in it's hand. It shook him around violently. Chaz began getting motion sick. Eventually his spikes loosened and he was sent flying away. Ira used her levitation beams to hold Chaz in place and he transformed back to normal. Guadio grew to be larger than the To'kustar and shot a beam at it. The To'kustar was flung back. He then flew towards Chaz. Chaz awokened and Ira and Guadio both shot a beam at him. They floated closer and closer to him. Ira turned and merged with Chaz's face so that he had a green mask covering his face. Guadio did the same. Chaz grew to be atleast 80 years of age, the age that a Celestialsapien becomes extremely strong. He also gained the ability to shoot beams from his eyes, mouth, hands and chest. He flew at the To'kustar and began punching it. He grew in height to be equally sized. They partook in hand to hand combat. Guadio and Ira decided to shoot beams at the To'kustar as Chaz battled it. Chaz knocked it away and shrunk to his normal size. He began to glow green as he charged up his strongest beam. The To'kustar got up and began flying towards Chaz. He held out his hands and pushed his chest out. He opened his mouth wide and shot a mouth beam, eye beams, hand beams and his most powerful beam - his chest beam. They all struck the To'kustar head on. It shattered. All it's remains floated around. Ira and Guadio unmerged with Chaz and they looked over at MooMoo. He was beating the To'kustar. He knocked it down and jumped on it's head, punching it. The To'kustar shattered. The remains of the two merged and formed a Cosmic Storm. The storm roared and left, it would soon create brand new To'kustars. The four looked around and saw a blue and green planet, a red planet and a few other planets. They flew towards the small red planet - Mars.