Forge of Creation
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Start N/A
End N/A
Prerequisites N/A
Level N/A
Location Forge of Creation
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- 10


Ben woke up one morning and found out he was famous by Jimmy Jones. (Fame) From then an nasty newsman named Will Harruge starting critizing, attacking and disrespecting him. One time he even send a robot to kill him! (Video Games) Well Ben had other problems. Since 5 Andromea aliens had been absorbed into this guy who used to be good but now evil (Aggregor in Ultimate Aggregor) and went to Charmcasters, Ripjaws,Big Chills planet and a puzzle world (Mostly Season 1) to find something called The Map of Infinity which he now has and he is heading to someplace that Paradox told Ben and co. about called The Forge of Creation.This is episode starts with the Forge of Creation episode. An altered version.

Ben: Where are we going Kevin?

Kevin: Where Paradox told me to go doofus!

Paradox appears and smiles: I trust you know that there are red robots attacking the ship outside, I suggest you exterminate them now. Sorry I am not allowed in this area (Winks at them) (He flashes away)

They put stop the ship and realize they are in the middle of this blank white area. Aggregors soilders are there.

Kevin: Ugh! Not my ride! (Absorbs Taednite) What a piece of me, well to bad! (Mutters) I shouldn't said there when I was with Vulkanus (Kevin's Big Score)

Gwen: Hiiiya! (Throws a giant mana beam at a group of robots)

Kevin: Ha! Since when can you do that! (Smirks)

Gwen: I've been praticing!

{C Ben scrolls through his Ultimatrix playlists: Come on Come on!

Ben: Terraspin!

Ben blows them away and they when but he was whacked and flew out but Gwen caught him with her mana but out came a 10 year old Ben with him!

Kevin: Great! One was enough!

Little Ben: It's Kevin 11 the evil guy who absorbed my omnitrix!

Gwen: Ben things change he is good now

Little Ben: Fine dweeb! But I got my eye on you (Turns into Eyeguy) EyeGuy! (Blasts Kevin with Giant eye)

Kevin: Why you little... (Absorbs ship)

EyeGuy: Whoa evil Kevin got an Upgrade (Transforms into Upgrade)

Kevin easily defeated Little Ben

Gwen: ENOUGH! Both of you! Ben, Kevin is good now! Kevin act like it!!!

Kevin starts the ship and they find a giant Celestpian

Ultimate Aggregor crashes their ship {C Little Ben: Time to go (transforms) Four Arms!

Older Ben: Same here (Transforms) Four Arms!

Ult Aggregor defeated them both and Gwen with Kevin down. Little Ben tried

Fourarms, Stinkfly, Wildvine, Ditto, Benvicktor,

Whereas older Ben used Articguanna, Rath, Hummungusaur, Fasttrack, Swampfire, Ultimate Swampfire, and Ultimate Echo Echo. None won.

Little Ben to Kevin: Wake Up! Absorb my Omnitrix!

Kevin: No I'll go with the A-Game!

Little Ben: Oh! So is it that the ultimatrix is more powerful and I'm just trash!

Kevin: Pretty much yeah!

Little Ben is upset but understands. Kevin absorbs the Ultimatrix and turns into Ultimate Kevin & goes after Aggregor.He taps a hand on his shoulder.

Ultimate Aggregor: Levin?

Ult Kevin: Its not cool absorbing babies! (Absorbs power, so much this time that Aggregor was so thin you could see his bones) Maybe I should absorb this baby myself!

Little Ben: Yeah ell I was right! You are just a selfish jerk who only cares about himself!

Kevin: Gwen? Ben? Is it true?

Gwen has tears.

Kevin flies off but Paradox and Azmuth appeared causing them to be trapped in the Forge of Creation forever!

Kevin is in the white blank area again saying to himself: I will kill everybody!