Celestialsapien Personality

First Appearance:

Chaz is Born

Powers and Abilities:

Growing, Shrinking, Laser Beams from eyes and mouth.

Guadio is one of Chaz's personalities in the series Chaz Sulkin. His partner is Ira. Guadio is Italian for Joy though he is the voice of rage and anger.


Guadio appears in the first episode of Chaz Sulkin the series in Chaz is Born and appears in every other episode.


Guadio is a green mask with two eye holes and a mouth. He is the same size as a face but can grow. He floats around beside Chaz's head on the right side.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a personality he has the ability to fly. Guadio floats on Chaz's right shoulder and his counterpart on the left. He also has the ability to grow to be larger than Waybig and shrink smaller than Nanomech. Another ability of his is shooting green laser beams from his eyes and mouth.