Fluffy DieDie
Fluffy DieDie



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Chaz is Born

Fluffy DieDie is the evil Fluffinian from the series Chaz Sulkin. He is the main antagonist from the first season.


Fluffy DieDie has got basically the same appearance as most Fluffinians, he is a small teddy bear with large, green, sparkling eyes but one has an eye patch over it.

Upgraded FormEdit

In episode 11 of Chaz Sulkin he absorbs some of the power from Ben's/Chaz's minds. He is now more powerful with enhanced strength, speed, agility, durability and hearing. He can shoor lasers form his eyes. He has red eyes and now has claws. His eyes are red and aren't sparkly. He is more serious and has a big temper. He also has a sharp tail now.