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Earth? Strange Place is the fourth episode in the series Chaz Sulkin.


Chaz, Guadio, Ira and MooMoo all landed on Earth. Coincidently they landed near a Plumbers station. The Plumbers noticed and called in Ben Tennyson. The team began exploring Earth when Ben flew over as Jetray. He transformed to Humongousaur and asked what they were doing. "Well, my mother was kidnapped by a Fluffinian named Fluffy DieDie and we were chasing him but we landed here to rest" Chaz explained. "Fluffinian, whats a Fluffinian?" Ben asked but through saying the name his DNA was altered and he turned into" El Diablo!" Ben was shocked by this new transformation. "I would watch it though, Fluffinian's or El Diablo as you called it have Bipolar disorder and are extremely crazy. Except MooMoo he is calmer than usual" Chaz said. Ben reverted to normal not seeing them as a threat. "I'd like to help you find your mother but I have a question - Why don't you have to argue with your personalities?" Ben asked. "Well when I was born I was born with a disorder - my personalities were born outside of my conscious." Ben looked impressed. He then told them were he was and to meet him later and transformed into XLR8 and zoomed off.

The team went sight seeing. MooMoo ran off to go on every single theme park attraction in the whole of America. Guadio and Ira went to the best cafe in town for a romantic date and Chaz decided to go on a trip around the entire planet. He wondered how he was going to ever find his mother and how Ben could help him, he also wondered how Ben transformed without an Ultimatrix - did he have reality warping abilitities? Last time Chaz saw him he wielded the Ultimatrix. Then he stopped above Asia. He noticed in Korea that there were a few people lying, unconscious and bleeding. He flew down and saw a gunman going on a rampage. He drew a circle in the sky and shot it at the gunman. His gun bent and twisted into a bow. Chaz then made the motion of a rope being tied and a rope shot out of his hands and tied itself around the gunman. He then transformed himself into a To'kustar, grabbed the injured men and got ready to fly them to a hospital, the only problem was he didn't know what a hospital was. One of the men regained his consciousness and pointed out the hospital. Chaz lifted the ceiling and put each of them into a room, then put the ceiling back on. "Earth, what a strange place" he said.

MooMoo had finished riding the final ride - The Giant Drop 2. As he walked off he bent down and threw up. Orange, green and purple stuffing came out, it was his vomit. He tried to walk towards Chaz but he kept falling over and everything he saw was weird colored. Then he passed out.

Guadio and Ira were feasting on the Earthling food. It looked extremely odd but was completely delicious. Then they saw MooMoo outside their window, passed out. They quickly rushed out and grabbed him, then they left towards Chaz.

Chaz was in the form of a Petrosapien and was surfing on his own diamond waves that he made. A crowd had grown around him, cheering. Then Guadio, Ira and MooMoo arrived. He stopped and turned back to his Celestialsapien form. "Guadio, Ira? MOOMOO!" He shouted when he saw his teddy. He drew a square, then another and then 5 more. He put the squares over MooMoo's body and he was healed. Then he got serious and flew towards Ben.

Ben was eating some sushi. How exciting. For the team it was. He finished up and asked if they had anything of Fluffy DieDie's. Chaz handed Ben the note they had found inside the minions corpse. Ben activated his Anodite form. His hair grew longer, his clothes ripped and he turned pinky-purple. He began tracking the evil leader. "Got it." He returned to his normal form and jumped into the sky, he was flying. "How do you do that? Can all humans?" Chaz asked. "No, the Ultimatrix merged with my DNA so I now have all the DNA in the universe inside of me. I can access their powers or just transform" Ben explained. Chaz became a Vulpimancer and then evolved himself. Then he drew a suit around himself - a space suit. He then joined Ben and began sniffing Fluffy DieDie out. Then they all flew out to space. As they floated outside of Earth's atmosphere a Celestialsapien flew past. "Chaz, is that you?" "Hi. What are you doing?" Chaz replied. "Well I was heading for a holiday on Earth" The Celestialsapien said. "Earth? Strange place it is" Chaz replied. Then he, Ben, Guadio, Ira and MooMoo all took off.


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  • Because this is 7 years after "The Forge of Creation (Episode)" Ben is now 23 years of age and in this future he no longer wears an Ultimatrix but the DNA has merged with his own so he now has natural morphing abilities.