Chaz is Born
185px-Baby Celestialsapien
Chaz in his infant bubble.

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Chaz is Born is the first episode of the series Chaz Sulkin.


Many Celestialsapiens gathered around as Mother Celestialsapien began giving birth. Some of the Celestialsapien watched in awe, others debated with their personalities. Soon the Mother Celestialsapien had given birth. A Baby Celestialsapien began floating around in a bubble on it's mother's palm. Every baby Celestialsapien was born with a protective bubble around it. The mother's personalities were content and not debating as she raised it to her chest to cuddle it, she then named it Chaz, Chaz Sulkin. Chaz raised it's hand and drew a teddy bear and with his omnipotent powers a Fluffinian appeared. This was an instinct to infant Celestialsapiens and this was how the Fluffinian species was created. After a Celestialsapien matured it sent the Fluffinian to it's home planet, Pillowprip. Chaz's teddy was angry (All Fluffinians have bipolar) and squirmed, then it calmed and cuddled with Chaz. Chaz then fell asleep.

As Chaz matured, his personalities didn't grow. When he was well over the age they were meant to grow, two green spots appeared on both shoulders. His personalities. They continued to grow and grow.

Seven Years Later...

Chaz flying at top speed randomly comes to a halt and appears beside his mother. She asks him to stop running but then pauses and begins debating with her personalites, Serena and Bellicus, about whether she should punish him or not. Her motion not to was passed and she continued talking with him. Chaz explained he was playing chase with his teddy, MooMoo. Two green masks on Chaz's shoulder began talking with him. Ira, on his left, said "I believe you have won" and Guadio on his right said arrogantly "No you didn't, numnuts, he is over there watching that earthling television you created." "Hush, Guadio and Ira" Chaz said and he continued talking with his mother. Chaz's house was similiar to a hut, floating around in The Forge of Creation. His mother began debating with her personalities again and then unfroze saying she was late for work. She debated with her personalities if she could create an alien to watch Chaz as she worked. She unfroze and created an Alien dog to in a suit to watch Chaz as she worked. He complained she never trusted him. She responded with, "Chaz, you are seven years of age. You are too young to stay here alone. Remember last time your froze the house?" Chaz snapped with "That was MooMoo!" MooMoo stared at him and began ranting, then had a mood change and fell asleep. His mother hugged him and offered to let him go to school, then left. Chaz floated over to his couch and lifted MooMoo. He stroked MooMoo's head and watched his favorite Earthling Cartoon, Tom and Jerry. He laughed loudly as Jerry attacked Tom and Tom attempted to capture Jerry. When the show finished he teleported himself and MooMoo outside to the forge. He dared him a race. Ira caring for him as a mother told him he shouldn't because he doesn't know what is out there. Guadio cheered him on. Chaz hushed them and asked if they liked their names. They responded yes. He told them that they were the only personalities with different names because they were born outside of his head and threatened to change their names if they didn't keep quiet. They shrunk to be microscopic and flew inside of Chaz's arm. Chaz floated flat with his arms out and MooMoo ran on the spot. He said ready, set, go and they were off. MooMoo's species were incredibly fast and he ran for the hills. Chaz increased his speed to be faster than a Kineceleran. Chaz was stopped by a large Celestialsapien bully, holding on to MooMoo threatening to rip his head off. Chaz stood up to him and punched him but the bully flung him far away. Ira and Guadio had jumped out of his body in time and grew to be larger than an Arburian Pelarotta and they flew on both sides of him. The bully began shaking in fear and they shot green laser beams from their eyes. Luckily the beams they shot were levitational beams and they lifted him into the sky and threw him. Ira lifted MooMoo and they headed towards Chaz. Chaz was unconcious so they took him home.

Chaz awokened in his bed with a throbbing head. He had a horrible nightmare that a Fluffinian took his mother while she was at her job. He then teleported himself, Ira, Guadio and MooMoo to her office to see her working. Chaz sighed in relief but was then shocked as she was snatched away.

Chaz followed the Fluffinians, changing his speed to be faster than time itself. He stopped infront of them and waved his hand over himself, transforming him into a Vaxasaurian. He was shocked at what he had done but didn't care. As the team of Fluffinians got closer he squashed them. He raised his foot to find three squashed Fluffinians but his mother was still being taken away. He slowly shrunk and detransformed into a sobbing Celestialsapien. MooMoo was too crying and was shockingly controlling his moods, he cuddled up with Chaz. Ira sobbed and Guadio had a tear rolling down his eye as the two shot green beams from their eyes and mouths, teleporting them all back to Chaz's home.




  • Vaxasaurian (First transformation ever) (First appearance)