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X Time
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Madggregor Serena Out
Ben and co. are trying to adjust to Alien Z. He is grwoing up. Bellicus is growing more control. Serena hasn't appeared which worries Alien Z a lot. Indeed he is like two years old! Alien Z starts to wonder off into the Milky Way. Only Celestipians can leave. He told that to Ben and he went Alien X. That didn't work. Teleporting didn't work either. They have decieced to kill Kevin after all much to Gwen's horror. Paradox bends some rules and shows Gwen the life where Kevin doesn't die. He gets cured and they get married and have two kids. Devlin Levin and Verdona Levin. Gwen screamed! She could have a peaceful life with Kevin but then Paradox showed her the world without Kevin. Gwen turned into an anodite and went Anodyne forever.

Gwen angrily to Ben: I'll make sure you don't touch Kevin!

Ben: (Transforms) Waybig!

Waybig shoots his cosmic ray at Gwen and breaks her mana shield. Gwen is knocked unconscious and Bens hand cuffs her to the Rustbucket lll.

Little Ben: I thought I was mean to Gwen!

Vulkanus appears with his pickaxe aliens!

Little Ben: Vulkanus!

Vulkanus: Hello Tenyson I will need Alien Z please!

Waybig: No way!

Steps on them then Azmuth sends them to the Null Void.

Azmuth: I hate this villian thing

Paradox: I'm sorrying for that my friend but there is no control over it.

Azmuth: Ugh

Alien Z: What is the Null Void like Bellicus?

Bellicus: It's a drak gloomy prison. Some people thought it was a chance to start over. It was a parallel dimension, simialiar to Diagons!

Alien Z: Who is Diagon?

Bellicus: You'll find out in Season 3 of X Time or Ultimate Alien

Alien Z: Wha...

Bellicus: Never mind, It's a voice's way of saying i'm trying to be FUNNY!

Alien Z: Geez man you don't have to yell!

Bellicus: Why shouldn't I I am the foice of Rage for crying at loud!

Baby Serena: Hi Alien Z I am forming with Joy! I am your second voice Serena! I suggest we dont kill Kevin!Edit