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Insane Madggregor

Plot Edit

Ben figured out that the forge brings all enemies to it so will Ben be up to the challenge? He learned that the forge can turn into any place for example Mr.Smoothys!

Ben: How could this happend!

Azmuth: You should've known there would be consequnces.

Little Ben: What do we do with the guy with the horns?

Gwen: Aggregor?

Little Ben; Yea

Paradox: I honsetly don't know, the forge is messing me up, I can't teleport or anything!

In a pit Kevins thinks about how he got out of his first mutation.

A red robot guards throws him in the mine. He threatens to kill everyone! Kwarrel tried to calm him down but failed. Kevin fought Kwarrel but Kwarrel won. Eventually, Kevin calmed down and trained then finally came out of his mutation. Morgg the villian who is hiding somewhere in this forge was going to kill Kwarrel if he didn't kill Kevin. Kwarrel refused and got shot. Kevin was scared and ran away. In present time Morgg was found by Azmuth and caputred him. Little Ben and Ben went after him.

Ben: (Transforms) Fasttrack!

Little Ben: (Transforms) XLR8!

They ran to Morggs hideout. Fasttrack won because he is older, better trained and more focused. Morgg transformed himself into a giant version of himself (16 feet) and fought Fasttrack and XLR8. Morgg won and caputured them.

Ben: (Transforms) Goop!

He slid outside and opened the door. Azmuth and Little Ben were freed! Morgg catches them only to be tackled by Ultimate Kevin

Ultimate Kevin: Morgg! You killed him! I'll kill you!

Morgg looked scared. Morgg Injected Ult Kevin a blue drug.

Goop: (Transforms) Spidermonkey! (Transforms) Ultimate Spidermonkey!

Little Ben: (Transforms) Heatblast!

Ult Kevin (woozily): You two are no match for me!

Ultimate Spidermonkey gets defeated and Ult Kevin threw Morgg off a cliff

Little Ben: (Transforms) Fourarms

Fourarms jumps off of cliff and catches Morgg and lands on his feet safely. Kevin thought they were both dead so he left. Ben, Little Ben and Azmuth leave back.

Azmuth: I have made a null void projector

Ben: In ya go Morgg

Morgg goes in.

Gwen: Next Aggregor

Baby Celestian: Where is he?

Little Ben: Gone!